Celebrity Birthday of the Day – June 10

djquallsLike so many actors, DJ Qualls began his career acting with a community theatre in his hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. In 1994 he had his first on-screen role as an extra in the HBO film Against the Wall, and he also appeared in an uncredited role in 1995’s Senior Trip and the 1998 miniseries Mama Flora’s Family. In 2000, he landed a prominent role in the Todd Phillips comedy Road Trip, which quickly afforded him some fame and lead to other prominent secondary roles in Cherry Falls and Big Trouble. In 2002, Qualls starred in The New Guy and his status as a star was confirmed. He then went on to appear in such films as The Core, Hustle & Flow, Delta Farce, and All About Steve, as well as on TV shows including Scrubs, Lost, Monk, CSI, My Name Is Earl, The Big Bang Theory, Breaking Bad, and Supernatural. DJ Qualls turns 35 today.

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