Celebrity Birthday of the Day – June 28

"Gentlemen Broncos" New York ScreeningMike White is a comedy writer whose work I quite enjoy, and in fact he’s pretty well the only screenwriter who specializes in comedy that I can name offhand. White got his start writing for Dawson’s Creek and Freaks and Geeks, and his first film writing credit was Dead Man on Campus. In 2002, he wrote a movie that I consider to be sweet, funny and highly underrated: Orange County. Orange County made me an instant fan of White’s work, and I was glad to see School Of Rock, his writing credit from the following year, gain a lot of popularity upon its release. White has also written Nacho Libre and Year of the Dog, which was his directorial debut. He has also done a fair amount of acting, with small roles in Orange County, School of Rock, The Stepford Wives, Pushing Daisies, Gentlemen Broncos, and Zombieland, and he has even appeared on The Amazing Race. Mike White turns 43 today.

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