Red Dead Redemption: The Hanging of Bonnie MacFarlane

I recently received an E-mail from Adam Flohr and David Lambert of Silk Dog Films, who sent along a short film they made called Red Dead Redemption: The Hanging of Bonnie MacFarlane.  Long story short, it’s basically a fan film which recreates the game, Red Dead Redemption, in the style of a grindhouse spaghetti western… and you know how much The Back Row loves its grindhouse spaghetti westerns! It’s a very entertaining watch and here’s more information about the folks who put it together…

Who are we?:
Silk Dog Films is Adam Flohr and David Lambert.
We’re from Temecula, CA. USA.

About the film.
Most of this film was done in 2012. It was conceived in June, & shot (at the Wooden Nickel Ranch in Menifee, Ca.) in September.

We SLAVED over it for many months fine tuning the editing! In addition we reached out to our friend Brandon Flyte to give it it’s 70’s film aesthetic. Our friend Chris Halo gave it a beautiful spaghetti western esq. score, and our pal Derek Hughes spent months recording ADR and tuning the sound. This film was built on favors & created in collaboration with friends and kind strangers. We’re up to our ears in IOU’s, but it was worth it!

This film is an irreverent approach to the “Red Dead” franchise, that borrows the aesthetics of our favorite directors of yesteryear. For instance; the smash zooms are a homage to Corbucci’s Django. The oddly paced slow motion & brightly colored squibs pays tribute to Sam Peckinpahs “The Wild Bunch”.

We set out to make a film that’s entertaining, and delivers the good’s in a quick 14 minute punch to the face.

We enjoy B movie cinema and classic spaghetti westerns. Our influences include Sergio Leone, Sergio Corbucci, Sam Peckipah, Enzo Castellari, Werner Herzog Terrence Malick & so many others.

We worked REALLY hard on it. We hope you enjoy it!

Wanna see some photos of us working on the set? Go to our photo albums on our facebook page:

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