Before They Were Stars: Edge Wrestles as “Sexton Hardcastle”

Well, I’ve been wanting to do a “Before They Were Stars” posting on this for years and now there’s finally some footage available on Youtube. Adam Copeland – a fellow resident of my hometown of Orangeville, Ontario – became a huge superstar when he made it to the World Wresting Federation and wrestled under the name “Edge”, but before that, he spent many years wrestling on the independent circuit with the greatest name ever: Sexton Hardcastle! So, wthout any further ado, here’s Sexton Hardcastle himself wrestling in a tag team match at an ¬†independent wrestling show in Ajax, Ontario in¬†1995. Hilariously enough, he’s billed as hailing from “Mount Shasta, California”. Guess Orangeville didn’t sound like a cool enough hometown for the likes of Sexton Hardcastle.

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