Before They Were Stars: John Cena as an Extra in “Ready to Rumble”

In case you’re not familiar with your professional wrestling history, the World Wrestling Federation and World Championship Wrestling, the two biggest wrestling companies in North America, engaged in a heated ratings war throughout the 1990s. The WWF eventually won the war and bought out WCW, who pretty much ensured their own demise with a lot of stupid mistakes… one of which was putting their world title on David Arquette! This was done because Arquette had just starred in the awful wrestling movie,¬†Ready to Rumble, which was produced in conjunction with WCW. Ironically enough, one of the background extras in the film featured an unknown independent wrestler who would go on to become¬†the WWF’s biggest star of the decade: John Cena! You can see him as the blonde guy with the buzz cut.

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