Get Your Face Burned Off At The Charcade

Site 3 Fire Arts, a Toronto-based group of volunteer artists, engineers and programmers who create interactive fire projects, has won a much sought after art grant from the Burning Man organization to help bring to life an insane new project. It’s called the Charcade, an entire fire arcade that’s being built, shipped, and then set up in the Nevada desert for this year’s Burning Man festival.

Led by professional fire maker and artist, Christopher Guard, Site 3 Fire Arts will be building 10 colossal fire-erupting Skee Ball machines (lovingly dubbed Riskee Ball); a Welcome Center topped with a neon-trimmed ‘Charcade’ sign and a huge flame effect; and a central player tracking system to record high scores and reward Charcade champs. The Charcade will feature fire art games, including Super Street Fire, Rock Inferno, Dance Dance Immolation, Toxic Bloom, Flamethrower Shooting Gallery, Riskee Ball, and Touch Me.

In other news, I’m totally chilling with these guys at Burning Man this year. Click here to check out their kickstarter!

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