Zero Theorem

An eccentric and reclusive computer genius plagued with existential angst works on a mysterious project aimed at discovering the purpose of existence—or the lack thereof—once and for all.

If you’re Facebook friends with me, then you’ve already seen me gushing about how happy I am that there’s an abundance of good science fiction in movie theatres these days. Sure, there are the occasional turds like After Earth, and lots of half-decent-at-best movies like Oblivion, but Pacific Rim rocked my socks, Elysium looks like it’s going to be amazing, and now…THIS. Terry Gilliam has made a science fiction movie starring none other than the amazing Christoph Waltz! Normally I’d reign in my enthusiasm for a Gilliam movie because of the director’s unfortunate track record, but there’s a preview for this one, so it looks like it’s actually been completed…which is promising! Anyway, I’m getting a real Brazil vibe off of this one. And it has a great cast, too!

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