When did 1980’s movie properties become in-demand as video game adaptations?

As we established on our podcast episode about the best postapocalyptic films, the Mad Max series of movies is probably some of the best postapocalyptic entertainment ever made. That being said, was anybody begging for a Mad Max video game? The game was revealed at E3 this year and even though it looks pretty cool, I find myself perplexed as to who demanded that this be made. I know that George Miller has a new Mad Max movie coming out, but it really seems like this game has more to do with the older Mad Max films, especially considering we don’t even have a trailer for the new one yet. Which brings me to another movie from the late 70’s/early 80’s that’s getting a video game adaptation: Rambo.

This one is really confusing, because there isn’t even a new Rambo movie coming out. It’s just a video game adaptation several decades too late…and with pretty crappy graphics, to boot. So again: is anybody asking for this stuff?

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