Before They Were Stars: 13-Year Old Ben Affleck in an ABC Afterschool Special

As a refreshing change of pace, I’m going to make the first non-Batman-related Ben Affleck posting on the Internet in days. Here’s an early role he had in a 1986 episode of ABC Afterschool Special. In this episode, entitled Wanted: The Perfect Guy, the 13-year old Affleck places a personal ad in order to find a guy for his lonely single mother. Well, that’s only a natural reaction after witnessing your father get gunned down in an alley by a mugger (0kay, okay, I’ll stop!). Anyway, if you want to play a ¬†neat game of “Six Degrees of Ben Affleck”, look up the filmography of Keith Szarabajka, the actor playing the guy who hooks up with Ben’s mom. He would go on to play the cop who gets taken hostage by the Joker in The Dark Knight¬†and would also be directed by Mr. Affleck after getting a role in Argo.

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