Before They Were Stars: Molly Shannon in Promotional Spots for the NRA

Many famous actors have had early gigs which they would consider embarrassing, but it takes a special one to make them truly ashamed. Well, two years before she made it onto Saturday Night Live, an unknown Molly Shannon acted in a pair of laughable promotional spots for the National Rifle Association, which showcase a politician who advocates gun control and is apparently going to bring about the end of civilization. Needless to say, when these ads resurfaced on the Net a few months ago, Shannon made this public statement to clarify that she does not agree with the views expressed in these spots and regrets having appeared in them:

“I made this commercial 20 years ago AS A STRUGGLING ACTRESS…not as a personal advocate for the NRA. I’m glad this now gives me the opportunity to advocate publicly for gun control legislation. As a mother, I see the necessity more than ever for sane, safe laws regulating guns in this country and I am deeply ashamed that the resurfacing of this dumb, ugly commercial might suggest otherwise.”

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