Will Sleepy Hollow be so hollow it puts you to sleep?

Here’s a promotional spot for the upcoming Fox TV series Sleepy Hollow, which looks absolutely ridiculous. Not bad, necessarily, but definitely ridiculous. I’d have a lot more faith in this series if they had made it a period piece (I realize that would have been much more expensive), however watching this ad, I don’t think it looks…terrible. Just really, really campy. I mean, come on, the headless horseman has a machine gun. Now, the ad points out that the series is from the writers and producers of Star Trek, but what it doesn’t mention is that the duo of Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci have also written and produced¬†Star Trek Into Darkness, the Transformers movies, The Island, and The Legend of Zorro. So, y’know, take that laudatory credit with a grain of salt.

The pilot episode of Sleepy Hollow airs tonight.

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