An Open Letter to J.J. Abrams

Sincerely Truman has made an interesting little animated letter to J.J. Abrams on how to not screw up Star Wars, and while I love the video and agree with just about all of Truman’s points, I’m actually starting to find this kind of video to be…troubling. A couple of years ago, Jim Emerson made a three-part video essay called In the Cut that detailed problems with the way the action in The Dark Knight was edited. It’s a fascinating take on things, and as an editor I appreciate it, but as a filmmaker, this sort of thing is starting to bug me. I mean, in both this case and the Dark Knight example, I get a real “entitled fan” vibe from what’s being said, like these fans are the ones who actually know how a movie is supposed to be, even though they are only consumers and not creators. Anyway, I’d make more of an argument here, but I still agree with these rules, so nevermind.

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