Dead Rising 3 Takes Itself More Seriously, But Somehow Retains Its Immaturity

I’ve enjoyed the Dead Rising games in the past and had my fun piecing together wacky weaponry and busting zombie heads, but I would never count them among my favourites. They’re just, hehe, brainless zombie bashing, with no real intricate gameplay. If you had asked me a few days ago if I was excited to hear that Dead Rising 3 was being made, I would have shrugged, but now, after watching this trailer, I’m surprised to report that yes, I am excited for this game! If it’s anything like the preview above, then it would appear the creators of Dead Rising 3 have taken the wackier aspects of the first two games (especially combining things to make bigger, better things) and mixed in a healthy dose of the bleakness of a zombie apocalypse as well. The characters here look as though they are actually under threat – something I never felt in any of the previous Dead Rising games. And I like that the hero is a goofy stoner/surfer dude. This game could actually be pretty awesome, guys.

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