Before They Were Stars: Ellen Page in “The Cat That Came Back”

As Halloween approaches, I always love to do “Before They Were Stars” features on celebrities who started out in cheesy horror films. When she was 16, Ellen Page appeared in a Canadian-shot made-for-TV children’s horror flick (for Animal Planet!) about a family who move into a new house, only to discover that it is haunted by the previous owner’s dead cat. As cheesy as the whole thing sounds, Miss Page actually did bring home a Gemini Award for “Best Performance in a Children’s or Youth Program or Series”. Depending on which version you see, the film can be found under the titles Ghost Cat, Mrs. Ashboro’s Cat and The Cat That Came Back. In this trailer, it’s known as The Cat That Came Back, though it’s absolute travesty that they blew an opportunity to play the Fred Penner song over it!

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