Jack Ryan: Colon After Colon: Shadow Recruit: Ghost Protocol

There are a number of new trailers that have been released recently and are now sitting in my article queue waiting to be posted, but I can’t say as I’m overly excited for any of them in particular. The closest to actual enthusiasm that I can muster goes towards this trailer for Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, which really should just be the start of a big crossover between the Jack Ryan continuity and the Mission: Impossible movie franchise. Anyway, I like how grizzled Kevin Costner looks in this, I like how the trailer opens with shots of Captain Kirk fighting the King of Qarth and then standing in front of a rainbow, and I’m certainly intrigued to see if Chris Pine has a future outside of Star Trek. But yeah, take away those elements and this seems like a rather pedestrian political/military/terrorist thriller.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit comes out December 25, 2013.

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