“A Brain is for Eating”: A Children’s Book About Zombies!


You know you’ve developed a following as a writer when people start sending you free stuff! I was recently contacted by a representative from Humanaut, a Chattanooga, Tennessee publisher, who was a fan of my articles at Cracked.com. He offered to send me a free copy of their book, A Brain is for Eating, so I’m more than happy to give them a plug here at The Back Row! Funded entirely by Kickstarter, A Brain is for Eating is a children’s book about zombies written by Dan and Amelia Jacobs and illustrated by Scott Brundage. It’s a rather unique concept, to say the least, a Dr. Seuss-esque tale which teaches zombie children how to find their next meal in a post-apocalyptic world populated by the walking undead. The book is a hoot and if I had children and wasn’t too worried about their future therapy bills, I’d gladly read it to them. In fact, if The Walking Dead doesn’t feature a scene where Rick Grimes reads A Brain is for Eating to his infant daughter, they’re totally missing the boat! Even better, the show could totally redeem the character of Lori Grimes by having her return as a zombie in order to read her daughter this book. Anyway, to learn more about A Brain is for Eating, check out their website.

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