Before They Were Stars: Kat Dennings Hosts an Instructional Video on Bed Wetting


Yes, you read that right! In 1999, a young Kat Dennings gave the “scoop on bed wetting” when she co-hosted Sleeping Drier with DDAVP Tablets, an instructional video produced by a pharmaceutical company to promote their anti-bed wetting tablets. Now, I know that Kat introduces herself as “Amy Scott” here, which isn’t her real name (her birth name is Katherine Litwack), but as unfathomable as it may be to think that someone wouldn’t use their real name to host a video about bed wetting, I’m willing to believe “Amy Scott” is a pseudonym. If that isn’t Kat Dennings in this video, it’s one hell of a doppelganger! Of course, now I’m terrified about what kind of people will find this page by typing “Kat Dennings” and “bed wetting” into Google…

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