An Indiegogo Campaign to Bring “Third Contact” to Ottawa

Third-ContactI recently received a personal request to help spread the word about an Indiegogo campaign to get a British film named Third Contact screened in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and, well… since Ottawa happens to The Back Row’s home base, what better outlet to use than right here? Third Contact is a British surrealist psychological thriller written and directed by Simon Horrocks, who overcame a lot of adversity to shoot the whole thing on a camcorder on a budget of £4000. Third Contact has been very well received by those who have seen it and after raising £15000 on Kickstarter, it received its global premiere at the BFI Imax this past September. Third Contact is tentatively scheduled for three screenings in Canada (including here in Ottawa) in late February 2014, but they’ll need your help to cover the costs and make sure the screenings go ahead, which is why they are attempting to raise $7500 by January 7. To learn more details about their campaign or to contribute money, you can visit the Third Contact Indiegogo page. Here’s the trailer for the film.

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