Before They Were Stars: 7-Year Old Alexa Vega in “Twister”

While watching Machete Kills, I’m sure I wasn’t the only one thinking “Damn, the girl from Spy Kids got hot!”. Anyway, Alexa Vega had actually been acting for many years before making Spy Kids and already had a plethora of film and television credits to her name. One of those roles involved her playing the 7-year old version of Helen Hunt’s character during the opening sequence in Twister, where she watches her father get killed by a tornado. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve always found this scene hilarious. The guy goes to so much trouble to close the cellar door and protect his wife and child, but why doesn’t he just let go of the damn door when it’s sucked away by the tornado?! Furthermore, nothing even happens to the wife and child after the tornado carries him away, so all he basically had to do was stand several feet away from the doorway and everyone would have been fine.

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