Before They Were Stars: Kurt Russell Narrates “Dad… Can I Borrow the Car?”

Kurt Russell spent most of his youth working as a child actor and by the time he reached his teen years, he had signed a ten-year contract with Disney and was one of the studio’s biggest stars during the 1970s. Of course, this contract probably meant he was obligated to do ANYTHING for them, including an oddball educational film called Dad… Can I Borrow the Car. This 22-minute short is narrated by Russell and chronicles the process of passing your driver’s test and learning to a drive a car when you’re a teenager. It also features a lot of weird, trippy scenes with animated talking cars (hey, maybe Pixar stole Disney’s idea!). And I’m not sure Disney ever would have envisioned Kurt going from endorsing driver’s safety to portraying a serial killer who murders his victims via car crashes in Death Proof over 35 years later.

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