All You Need Is Tomorrow

Lt. Col. Bill Cage is an officer who has never seen a day of combat when he is unceremoniously dropped into what amounts to a suicide mission. Killed within minutes, Cage now finds himself inexplicably thrown into a time loop—forcing him to live out the same brutal combat over and over, fighting and dying again…and again.
But with each battle, Cage becomes able to engage the adversaries with increasing skill, alongside Special Forces warrior Rita Vrataski. And, as Cage and Rita take the fight to the aliens, each repeated encounter gets them one step closer to defeating the enemy.

At some point in the recent past, it seems as though Tom Cruise just decided that sci-fi action was his schtick, as Oblivion and now Edge of Tomorrow both see him as a similar, Tom-Cruise-like character trapped in a bizarre world of the future. Whereas Oblivion was more focused on sci-fi Big Brother themes, Edge of Tomorrow is a Source Code time loop scenario featuring the exoskeletal armor from Elysium. So if this is just a big mish-mash of stuff from other science fiction films…why am I kind of interested in it? Its title sucks, by the way, and even though it was dumb, they should have stuck with the original one: All You Need Is Kill.

Edge of Tomorrow comes out June 6, 2014.

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