Earth to Echo

When a group of young friends begin to receive bizarre encrypted messages on their cellphones, they embark on an incredible adventure to discover the meaning behind these communications. Soon enough, they realize that the messages they are receiving are from a mysterious being from another world –  one who desperately needs their help.

It’s funny to think that just over 30 years ago, Steven Spielberg launched a trend of movies about children and aliens with E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial that continues to this day. The Spielberg brand of sci-fi/family film is so popular and financially successful that it’s been aped again and again, from Mac and Me to Super 8. Super 8 is an especially interesting example because it’s designed from top to bottom to play on our nostalgic love of that classic Spielberg alien flick. In my case, it worked! Here’s a new entry into this sci-fi subgenre that I’m looking forward to: Earth to Echo. Some kids find an alien! I’ll probably get a big kick out of that.

Earth to Echo comes out April 25, 2014.

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