Master Spy

I love that retro-looking indie games are totally in vogue right now, and when it comes to retro game design, I’d say Master Spy nails it. The brainchild of Turbogun developers Kris Truitt and John Coxworth, Master Spy is a sneaky platformer with a cloaking device as its central mechanic. According to Truitt:

“Each mission introduces new enemies, usually central to the theme of the mission. Examples being: Mansion of eccentric tech billionaire is full of motion sensors, security lasers, and pressure plates; the global assassin ring’s HQ has things like booby-traps, saw blades coming out of the walls, and tigers; the Industrial Factory is brimming with different types of sentry drones, among the other deadly hazards you’d find in an unregulated mechanical assembly line.”

Cool! Where do I sign up? Why, right here with the alpha demo! Be sure to support the game on Steam Greenlight as well!

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