WTF Happened to Movie Posters?

The GoodBadFlicks movie review series is one of the best on the web if you’re a b-movie junkie like me and appreciate camp and cheese as much as gravitas and capital “A” Acting. But this video isn’t about the movies themselves – this time GoodBadFlicks is looking at the posters…and man, talk about laziness on the part of movie studio designers. I could whip up any of these in photoshop in an hour or two. Shameful. Whatever happened to the Drew Struzan artwork that used to make posters a thing of beauty? It’s really a shame about the whole Oldboy remake poster debacle, because that design was actually interesting. But thanks to crappy dealings on the part of a movie studio, I doubt we’ll see many new and original poster designs anymore…seeing as the outcome of the Oldboy poster scandal seems to be Big Hollywood saying “Design a cool poster and we’ll just steal it.”

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