Before They Were Stars: Amy Adams on “Smallville”

As you probably know, shortly after the Academy Award nominations are announced, it’s a tradition here at The Back Row for me to do “Before They Were Stars” features on as many of the nominees as possible. In what has seemingly become another yearly tradition, Amy Adams has received her fifth Oscar nomination for her performance in American Hustle. I now have a feeling that if Meryl Streep ever retires, Adams might surpass her record someday. Anyway, given Adams’ high-profile role as Lois Lane in Man of Steel last summer, it’s interesting to find out that she once made a guest appearance on an episode of Smallville in 2001. She played an overweight teenager (complete with one of those unconvincing fat suits they use to make attractive actors look overweight) who winds up losing some pounds after eating some vegetables grown in Kryptonite-laced soil, but of course, this only causes her to go batshit crazy.

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