The Quiet Roar

It isn’t exactly the most reassuring environment in which to undergo a medical procedure. But terminally ill, depressed 60-something Marianne isn’t looking for conventional medicine in a well-furnished bus in a car park. She is seeking enlightenment, and finds it – in the form of an LSD trip. Marianne looks back at her 25-year-old self – when she was still with the husband she left and the child she no longer speaks to. Looking back across time, to a holiday in a stunningly beautiful Norwegian landscape, idyllic and yet desolate, Marianne talks to her younger self and her husband and considers the end of their relationship.

From the Rotterdam Film Festival, here is the first trailer for The Quiet Roar from director Henrik Hellstrom. I’m not familiar with Hellstrom’s other film Burrowing, but based on the strength of this trailer alone, I think I have to look into it. The Quiet Roar looks like Amour meets Inception on LSD, and I can’t think of a more interesting mashup of ideas. Count this one amongst my most anticipated films of the year.

The Quiet Roar comes out in Sweden this April, but there’s no word yet as to when it will make its way to North America.

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