Before They Were Stars: CM Punk Wrestles Rey Mysterio & Eddie Guerrero in 2002

World Wrestling Entertainment seems to be in a state of chaos right now as one of their top stars, CM Punk, has seemingly become burned out by his profession and will likely be leaving the company. As a tribute, here are some highlights from 2002 of the relatively unknown Punk wrestling for IWA Mid-South. In what was a huge break for him at the time, Punk was into a triple threat match against Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero during the rare time period when neither of them were employed by WWE and Rey was wrestling without his mask. Punk and Mysterio would eventually have a feud in WWE several years later, but man, just imagine if the wrestling Gods had aligned everything perfectly and had this match take place at a time when Punk was in his prime, Eddie was not dead, and Rey’s knee was not held together by chewing gum. Fans would have been DROOLING over it!

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