If they’re shooting at you, they’re bad.

There were a number of notable trailers from the Super Bowl (I don’t watch football, so for me the Super Bowl is basically a big movie trailer event), but the only one that I thought was really good was this epic trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Do you know how rare it is these days to have a superhero movie with only one villain? Think about it: The Dark Knight RisesThe Avengers, The Amazing Spider-Man 2…superhero films are definitely going overboard in the bad guy department. I also love that Captain America really does embody everything American. He’s patriotic, he fights for truth, and he also thinks that anybody shooting at him is automatically a bad guy! I wonder how many hapless police officers have met their end because they shot at a strange costumed man at the scene of a crime.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier comes out April 4, 2014.

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