Our Robocop Remake

Our RoboCop Remake is a crowd-sourced film project based on the 1987 Paul Verhoeven classic. We are a group of filmmakers and RoboCop fans who have split the original film into 60 pieces and have remade the movie ourselves. Not necessarily a shot-for-shot remake, but a scene-for-scene retelling.

I posted the trailer for this a while back, but the full film is finally here! Our Robocop Remake is a crowd-sourced remake of the Paul Verhoeven classic cobbled together using many different styles from many different filmmakers. It’s basically the sweded version of Robocop from Be Kind Rewind in its full-length glory. The Star Wars Uncut project pulled a similar trick to great effect, and although I haven’t yet watched all of Our Robocop Remake, I already know it’s awesome. I’d put good money on this being worlds better than the Hollywood remake that’s coming out soon.

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