What is Transcendence


It isn’t often that I try to actively avoid a film’s entire marketing campaign, but after seeing the first trailer for Transcendence, something about the film has inspired me to avoid spoiling myself with further trailers and clips. I’m not sure why this movie speaks to me in this way, but I have this notion that it will be worlds better if I go in fresh and without having too much given away. Maybe it’s the fact that this kind of story lives or dies based on what happens in its final act, and I’m worried that the studio will be all too eager to spoil the ending. I dunno. Transcendence very well could be a clusterfuck of a film, but the premise and the cast both show a lot of promise, and it’s nice to see what could potentially be some big-budget, cerebral sci-fi coming to theatres again in the near future.

Transcendence comes out April 18, 2014.

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