Grin and Bear It

Okay, this is getting ridiculous. A little while ago, some enterprising game makers set about making a game called Goat Simulator where you play a goat in an open-world environment, and the object of the game is to, uh, knock stuff over in creative ways. At the time of its announcement, I just wrote off Goat Simulator as a novelty game that would come and go without any sort of impact. But apparently it had an impact – namely that of inspiring other novelty games based around animal simulation. This latest one is Bear Simulator, which purports to be Skyrim where you play as a bear, and the developers are trying to raise $29,500 via Kickstarter to fund it. And hey, they’re only $9500 away at the time of this writing! So if you’ve always dreamed of playing as a bear, your dreams are just a few Kickstarter donations away. 

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