Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn

Crowdfunding has lead to a lot of unusual projects being made, and numerous nostalgic properties finding new life thanks to fan donations…but I can’t say as I saw this one coming. Big Deez Productions is a video game company made up of a team of developers who have worked on some big-name projects like Halo, Alan Wake, and Max Payne who are now seeking funding for a reboot/sequel to the old Sega Genesis/Super Nintendo fighting game Shaq Fu. Made at the height of Shaquille O’Neal’s fame, Shaq Fu is a Street Fighter-like one-on-one tournament fighter featuring a basketball player in the Ryu role. I actually remember making fun of this game the first time it came out, but apparently there’s enough interest in a sequel that fans have already donated over $100,000 to the project on Indiegogo. If you’re interested, click here to help out the enterprise. $15 gets you a copy of the game, and at this point Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn is pretty much guaranteed to be made. Who knew?

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