Before They Were Stars: 14-Year Old Juliette Lewis on “I Married Dora”

In 1987, 14-year old Juliette Lewis got her first major role when she joined the cast of a sitcom called I Married Dora. The storyline involved an El Salvadorian housekeeper named Dora, who works as a housekeeper for an American family, but is about to be deported because she’s an illegal alien. However, the father agrees to marry Dora to keep her in the States because his own wife recently went¬†missing after her flight was hijacked in Syria! Yes, this was the premise of a SITCOM, ladies and gentlemen! They even had to put a disclaimer in front of the first episode advising viewers not to marry illegal aliens under false pretenses! I Married Dora¬†only lasted 13 episodes, but the show concluded in bizarre fashion, going so far as to break the fourth wall and acknowledge its own cancellation at the end of the series finale.

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