Before They Were Stars: Brock Lesnar Performs the Shooting Star Press in 2001

One of the most infamous moments in Wrestlemania history occurred in the main event of Wrestlemania 19 when the 300-pound Brock Lesnar attempted to perform a shooting star press off the top rope for the first time in front of a worldwide audience… but wound up landing on his head and giving himself a concussion which would have killed a normal human being. However, prior to this event, Lesnar was able to perform the move successfully on numerous occasions. This ultra-rare footage is from 2001 as Lesnar has not yet been called up to the WWF roster and is wrestling a dark match (i.e. a match performed for the live crowd which is not broadcast on television) where he finishes off his opponent with the shooting star press. This footage is absolutely phenomenal as a 300-pound man should not be physically capable of doing something like this!

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