Before They Were Stars: Jon Hamm as a Contestant on a Dating Game Show

I always love finding future celebrities as contestants on game shows, whether it be Aaron Paul on The Price is Right,¬†or a notorious serial killer on The Dating Game. Well, in 1996, a young, much douchier-looking Jon Hamm happened to appear as a contestant on a short-lived dating game show called The Big Date (hosted a guy named Mark Walberg!), where he promised his potential date “an evening of fabulosity”. The preceding clip leaves you hanging in suspense about who actually won, but I tracked down the entire episode and found out that Jon’s “fabulosity” line did not work and the woman wound up choosing the contestant who billed himself as a professional stuntman. To be fair, Jon was introduced as a waiter here (the ultimate profession for struggling young actors), so at the time, I’m sure the professional stuntman sounded more a lot appealing.

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