Before They Were Stars: Zac Efron Blows Up on “Heist”

You may have heard the story of Brian Douglas Wells, the pizza delivery man who was allegedly coerced into robbing a bank with a time bomb attached to his body and promptly blew up when police intervened. In 2006, Heist, a short-lived NBC series which was cancelled after only five episodes, decided to use Wells’ story as an inspiration for their pilot episode. This time, an unknown Zac Efron played an unfortunate pizza delivery boy who is forced to rob a bank with a bomb strapped to him and winds up exploding. Man, I can’t watch this scene without┬ávisualizing John Candy and Jim Flaherty doing the “Farm Film Celebrity Blow-Up” from SCTV and exclaiming that Zac Efron “blow’d up real good!”.

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