Before They Were Stars: Joe Pesci Impersonates Porky Pig on a Christmas Album

The above title might be the single greatest sentence I’ve ever written at The Back Row! You may have heard that Joe Pesci released an infamous album in the 1990s where he sang a bunch of terrible songs as his character from My Cousin Vinny. Well, three decades earlier, before he decided to become an actor, Pesci made an attempt at a musical career and even released an album in 1968 under the name “Joe Ritchie”, which was entitled Little Joe Sure Can Sing! . The highlight of this album is undoubtedly the song, “Can You Fix the Way I Talk for Christmas”, in which Pesci does a Porky Pig impersonation and asks Santa Claus to fix his speech problems. No, seriously, I am not making this up! What makes this insanity even better is that the voice of Santa Claus is provided by Pesci’s longtime collaborator Frank Vincent, who would go on to star alongside Pesci in several Martin Scorsese classics, most notably as Billy “Go Home and Get Your Fucking Shinebox” Batts in Goodfellas. Man, we really need Pesci to do an R-rated remake of this song where Porky Pig drops non-stop F-bombs!

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