Before They Were Stars: Yannick Bisson on “Learning the Ropes”

I don’t know if many of you non-Canuck readers are familiar with Murdoch Mysteries, but it’s a pretty popular TV series here in Canada that has been on the air for several seasons. Anyway, Yannick Bisson plays William Murdoch, the title character on the show, and it was quite a surprise to discover that during the 1980s, he had the misfortune of starring on Learning the Ropes, the world’s only attempt at a sitcom about professional wrestling. Lyle Alzado portrayed a schoolteacher who moonlighted as a masked wrestler and Bisson played his teenage son. The whole show was atrocious and represented everything that was bad about hackneyed 1980s sitcoms, but I do remember liking it as a kid since several wrestlers from the National Wrestling Alliance made guest appearances. Where else are you going to see the star of Murdoch Mysteries act alongside Hawk and Animal, the Road Warriors?!

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