Before They Were Stars: 9-Year Old Noah Segan on the Pilot for “Grace Under Fire”

One of our most unique experiences at FantasiaFest this past weekend was having actor Noah Segan (best known for his role as Kid Blue in Looper) stand next to Gill in line for the screening of the South Korean “baseball-playing gorilla” film, Mr. Go. I did some checking up on Mr. Segan’s career and was surprised to find out he was a former child actor who was originally part of the cast of the popular sitcom, Grace Under Fire. In the show’s pilot, the 9-year old Segan played the role of Quentin Kelly, one of Brett Butler’s kids, but for unknown reasons, he was subsequently replaced by another actor after appearing in one episode. This may have been a blessing in disguise, however, since Segan’s replacement wound up leaving the show a few years later after a scandal where Brett Butler allegedly flashed him her new breast implants!

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