Before They Were Stars: Robin Williams as a Male Escort on “America 2-Night”

I’m sure we’re all still reeling about the tragic, shocking death of Robin Williams yesterday, so it’s best to remember the hilarious moments he brought us. I’ve posted a lot of “Before They Were Stars” footage of Robin Williams on here before, but this one is a special treat. Right before he made it big on Mork & Mindy, Williams made a guest appearance as a male escort on America 2-Night, a comedy series which was a parody of late-night talk shows. The series was basically a goldmine for early work from famous comedians as it was hosted by Martin Mull and Fred Willard when they were both still virtual unknowns and even Jim Varney appeared on the show from time to time. In addition, notable names like Alan Thicke, Harry Shearer and Ben Stein did behind-the-scenes work on America 2-Night. However, it was most definitely Robin Williams who went on to the greatest success out of all of them and he will be greatly missed. R.I.P.

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