Before They Were Stars: Lloyd Kaufman in “Rocky”

In a million years, I never would have expected Troma Entertainment founder Lloyd Kaufman to make a cameo in a major Hollywood blockbsuter, but that’s exactly what happened in Guardians of the Galaxy, seeing how it was directed by one of his proteges, James Gunn. However, it’s easy to forget to Kaufman once┬áhad a cameo in a major Hollywood film before he was famous. During the 1970s, Kaufman became good friends with director John G. Avildsen. When Kaufman started getting Troma off the ground, he had to do some freelance work in order to pay the bills, so Avildsen gave him a job as pre-production supervisor on Rocky. He also let Kaufman have a brief cameo in the film as the drunk who is carried into a bar by Rocky.

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