Before They Were Stars: 11-Year Old Corey Feldman on “Madame’s Place”

They say that one of the main reasons Corey Feldman turned to drugs was because of the enormous pressure he had to face as a child actor. By age 11, he already had a ton of acting credits under his belt, but I’m sure his first breaking point was when he had to become a full-time cast member on Madame’s Place, a syndicated sitcom where Corey played second fiddle to a puppet. During the 1970s and 1980s, a ventriloquist named Wayland Flowers had a very popular stage act with his puppet named Madame, who was supposed to be an old Gloria Swanson-esque movie star with a bawdy sense of humour. For whatever reason, they decided to this guy and his puppet their own sitcom and Corey Feldman played the role of Buzzy, the rambunctious nosy neighbour kid.

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