Shouts From the Back Row – Episode 183 – The Rise and Fall and Rise Again of Ben Affleck


There are few Hollywood players who are divisive as Ben Affleck. You can’t deny that Affleck is the personification of a movie star. He climbed his way up the ladder from being an actor in independent movies to headlining blockbusters, but after a series of lousy rom-coms, audiences seemed to turn on him. So did Affleck give up? No! He turned himself into an acclaimed director instead. This boost allowed him to return to the world of acting, and between David Fincher’s Gone Girl and the upcoming Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, the stage is set to see if Affleck still possesses the star power to lead a movie that he isn’t also directing. On this episode, Gill, Robin and TK examine the peaks and valleys of Ben Affleck’s career and speculate as to whether audiences will once again accept him as a leading man. Click here to download the episode!

Music for this week’s podcast was composed and performed by our very own Vince Nitro!

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