Before They Were Stars: Patrick Warburton is Whipped in “Master of Dragonard Hill”

Do you think the sequence from 12 Years a Slave where Lupita Nyong’o was repeatedly whipped is powerful stuff? Well, here’s a scene where a young Patrick Warburton plays a slave who gets whipped and I think he actually outlasts Lupita Nyong’o since the scene drags on for over five straight minutes! Yes, this bizarre clip is from a 1987 exploitation film called Master of Dragonard Hill where Warburton made his acting debut as a slave who winds up being sentenced to 100 lashes after he’s caught having sex with his owner’s wife. Oh, and you better believe this film shows us every single one of those 100 lashes in a row! Anyway, Master of Dragonard Hill was produced by The Cannon Group (who else?) and co-starred Oliver Reed and Eartha Kitt, and here’s the original trailer for it narrated by Peter Cullen!

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