The Dark Soul of Honesty

I played some of Dark Souls 2 after reading countless articles on why it was a masterpiece of gaming – a game from the old-school that wasn’t interested in spoonfeeding me. I love a challenge. Hell, one of my favourite games is Crusader Kings 2, where it takes a week of study just to understand what all the menus mean. I’ve played a hefty helping of Dwarf Fortress, which is similarly vague and unintuitive. But whereas the payoff of having learned how to play those games is then being able to play a really cool, unique game that creates epic legends about even the tiniest characters, the payoff for learning how to play Dark Souls 2 is just a crummy, stupid version of other fantasy action RPGs. I could go on about all the ways in which Dark Souls 2 sucks, but I’ll just let this Honest Trailer cover them.

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