I had it all planned out. I was going to write a loving post about Alex Garland’s work. I’ve enjoyed just about everything he’s written, from The Beach (the novel and the screenplay; yes, I like the movie) to Sunshine (highly underrated sci-fi), and when I heard that Ex Machina was going to be his directorial debut, I was on board. But then I watched this trailer, and even though they try to keep it under wraps, I can see the twist. Ready for it? Spoiler warning! I bet Domhnall Gleeson is a robot. Yup. That’s gotta be it. Sigh. Make no mistake, I’m going to watch this movie. Besides my love of Garland’s work, this also features Oscar Isaac, who I think is terrific. But man, I really wish they hadn’t given that twist away. Who knows, maybe I’m wrong. I hope that’s the case.

Ex Machina comes out April 10, 2015.

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