Iron Sky: The Coming Race

For years, I followed the progression of the movie Iron Sky. It started as a computer animated teaser about Nazis on the moon, and then eventually managed to land funding for a feature film that starred Udo Kier. The animated teaser was awesome, the movie…well, it was audacious, but it didn’t really stick the landing. I honestly didn’t expect it to get a sequel, but hey, here’s a sequel now! Iron Sky: The Coming Race is taking the insane conspiracy theories further. Not only were Nazis hiding on the moon, but apparently a race of dinosaur-riding lizard-Nazis lives under the Antarctic, too! And President Sarah Palin is a lizard! It’s kind of awesome in its insanity, but I get the feeling that, once again, this trailer will be better than the movie that follows it. Sigh. But I’ll probably watch it anyway.

Iron Sky: The Coming Race is seeking funds from fans. Click here to visit their Indiegogo page!

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