Before They Were Stars: Nick Nolte as a Gay Tax Collector

With his trademark gruff voice, Nick Nolte is probably the last actor you’d ever visualize¬†playing an effeminate gay character. However, in what was apparently his film debut, Nolte played the role of a homosexual tax agent sent out to collect unpaid taxes from a woman who is planning to seduce him. However, the moment Nolte¬†opens his mouth, the woman realizes that bribing him with sex just will not work and she decides to pay up. What’s extra-hilarious is that I have no friggin’ clue what movie this is! The Youtube description of this clip is written by a guy who claims to have been friends with the director and says the film was made in 1969. However, whatever this movie is, it doesn’t seem to be listed in Nolte’s IMDb filmography, so the title shall remain an elusive mystery. I know Nolte is a lot younger here, but I’m willing to wager that his effeminate voice was dubbed over since it sounds nothing like him at all.

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