Before They Were Stars: 16-Year Old CM Punk with the Lunatic Wrestling Federation

CM Punk has been garnering a ton of publicity lately, as he finally spilled the details about his less-than-amicable departure from World Wrestling Entertainment earlier this year before making the surprise decision to sign with the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Well, here’s Phil “CM Punk” Brooks as you’ve never seen him before. During his teen years, Punk, his brother and their friends put together a backyard wrestling promotion called the Lunatic Wrestling Federation. The group built up a cult following in Chicago and even made some money for awhile before Punk’s brother decided to embezzle thousands of dollars from them, so they haven’t spoken since. Anyway, this LWF footage is from 1995 and a rare chance to see a 16-year old C.M. Punk as he grapples with┬ásuch figures as Darth Vader, an Imperial Stormtrooper, and ALF. Hard to believe that goofy kid in the green toque and goggles would go on to become one of the biggest stars in wrestling.

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