Take this, Sony hackers

We don’t have all of the facts when it comes to the Sony hack. Maybe the North Korean government or military was behind it, maybe it was some faction of hackers working independently of Kim Jong Un but attributing their work to North Korea. Whatever. I don’t care who’s behind it. This is what I care about: not hiding art out of fear. From what I understand, The Interview isn’t a great movie overall, but not only do I want to see it, I want to screen it publicly. It’s art. Not high art, but art. And if we let fear keep us from looking at even the stupidest of art, then culture is doomed. Censorship and terrorism will have succeeded in killing our ability to express ourselves artistically.

So for as long as I can before I run out of media or this whole damn Sony thing resolves itself, I’m going to post clips related to the whole fiasco. Previews of The Interview, stuff from Team America: World Police, The Great Dictator, and anything else I see fit. Suck it, hackers. We’re not intimidated.

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